Caninus In Revolver

Posted on Apr 6, 2004

Caninus has caught the attention of Revolver Magazine. You can see a short write-up in the latest issue (May 2004) in the News & Notes section.

WTR 002: The Path Of Resistance DVD

Posted on Mar 9, 2004

We are more than proud to announce that War Torn Records, in conjunction with High Roller Studios, will release a Path Of Resistance DVD shortly after next month’s reunion show. The DVD will feature the April 3rd show, interviews with the band as well as fans, and a number of extras. Fortune favors the daring, […]

The Path Of Resistance Returns

Posted on Mar 9, 2004

The long awaited and much anticipated reunion show of The Path Of Resistance is on Saturday, April 3, 2004 in Syracuse, NY. Also playing are Shockwave, Embrace Today, Freya, and A Perfect Murder.

Caninus Interview

Posted on Feb 23, 2004

There’s a Caninus interview in the latest issue (#64) of the Swedish metal magazine, Close-Up.

First Release: Caninus CD & 7″

Posted on Feb 20, 2004

We are excited to announce the plans for WTR 001. Caninus, the grindcore band from New York City fronted by pit bulls, will record within the next couple of weeks for a Spring release. Pastor from Jinxed Clothing is doing the artwork.