General Updates

Posted on Mar 23, 2005

We have a couple new things in the store including a DVD and a few books. We linked some more of our friends. We’ll announce the next War Torn release any day now. And last but not least, we should have an update on the Path DVD soon.

Path DVD Delayed

Posted on Jul 6, 2004

Path’s live DVD is being held up due to some things beyond our control. Updates will be posted as they become available. Our defiance in the face of this insurmountable force …

The Path Of Resistance – Live DVD

Posted on Apr 6, 2004

We had 5 cameras at the show on Saturday and we got the audio right off the board at The Furnace. Editing and mixing are already underway. I have my own mind, now I make my own choices …

WTR 002: The Path Of Resistance DVD

Posted on Mar 9, 2004

We are more than proud to announce that War Torn Records, in conjunction with High Roller Studios, will release a Path Of Resistance DVD shortly after next month’s reunion show. The DVD will feature the April 3rd show, interviews with the band as well as fans, and a number of extras. Fortune favors the daring, […]

The Path Of Resistance Returns

Posted on Mar 9, 2004

The long awaited and much anticipated reunion show of The Path Of Resistance is on Saturday, April 3, 2004 in Syracuse, NY. Also playing are Shockwave, Embrace Today, Freya, and A Perfect Murder.