Caninus T-shirts

Posted on Aug 10, 2004

Caninus has made some t-shirts. Please take a second to check them out on

The Vinyl Has Arrived

Posted on Jul 30, 2004

All of the various colors for Caninus and Prayer are in. We’re very pleased with the way everything turned out; hopefully you will be too. We’ll begin fulfilling the orders immediately. Thanks for your patience.

Caninus & Prayer Preorders

Posted on Jul 22, 2004

You can now preorder Caninus’ "Now The Animals Have A Voice" and Prayer For Cleansing’s "The Tragedy" 7"s. We’ll begin taking orders for the CDs in about a week (once we know everything is on its way to us). We will do our best to find the lowest shipping price for those ordering from outside […]

New Caninus MP3

Posted on Jul 16, 2004

The MP3 for “Human Rawhide” is now available on the Caninus website.

Prayer For Cleansing at Hellfest

Posted on Jul 12, 2004

Prayer For Cleansing will play this year’s Hellfest (Elizabeth, NJ) on Saturday July 24th. Please check them out if you are there. The new 7" and CD will be available at the show.

Path DVD Delayed

Posted on Jul 6, 2004

Path’s live DVD is being held up due to some things beyond our control. Updates will be posted as they become available. Our defiance in the face of this insurmountable force …

WTR003: Prayer For Cleansing

Posted on May 19, 2004

Our third release this summer, CD/7" of previously unreleased Prayer For Cleansing songs, will be the collective effort of Southern Empire, Surprise Attack Records, and War Torn.

Caninus Begins Recording

Posted on Apr 6, 2004

It has begun. We’ll have more information on the record and growls by some special guests soon.

The Path Of Resistance – Live DVD

Posted on Apr 6, 2004

We had 5 cameras at the show on Saturday and we got the audio right off the board at The Furnace. Editing and mixing are already underway. I have my own mind, now I make my own choices …

Caninus In Revolver

Posted on Apr 6, 2004

Caninus has caught the attention of Revolver Magazine. You can see a short write-up in the latest issue (May 2004) in the News & Notes section.