WTR004: Cattle Decapitation + Caninus – Split EP 2nd Pressing

Posted on Nov 30, 2006

The second and final pressing of our fastest selling record to date is now available. All orders ship immediately via First Class mail. Pick one up from our store or buy one from Cattle Decapitation on tour now with Goatwhore, Lair Of The Minotaur and Daath.

Cattle Decapitation + Caninus Splits Are Out

Posted on Nov 27, 2005

The records are finally here. Pre-orders are shipping and copies will soon arrive in stores and distros. I’ve uploaded some scans so you can see what you’re buying. The first scan is the red and white mix, which we’re calling “Rare” as in rare meat and because it’s the rarest color (only 150); the second […]

WTR 004: Caninus + Cattle Decapitation – Split 7"

Posted on Apr 2, 2005

We’re releasing a split 7" with Cattle Decapitation and Caninus. Mike Sutfin (Charles Bronson, The Killers) will provide the artwork. We were in NYC yesterday to record the Caninus side with Dean at the Atomic Recording Company. The record will be available in October.